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Meridian Dredging

There are 12 Principal meridians and eight Extra meridians in the human body. The 12 Principal meridians comprise of three Yin meridians of Hand, three Yang meridians of Hand, three Yang meridians of Foot and three Yin meridians of Foot; all having a distinct direction of flow.

Benefits of meridian dredging

Meridian dredging is also known as Gua Sha Scraping.

  • Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves scraping the skin with a stone tool. 

  • There is limited evidence on the benefits of gua sha. But the practice may improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. 

  • With your healthcare provider’s approval, you can get a professional gua sha treatment or try it at home.

Treatment Benefits

Cleanse the Skin
Blood Circulation
Detoxify the Skin
Soft & Glowing Skin